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Flip the Grammar!

Tell me and I will forget; Show me and I may remember; Involve me and I will understand. Chinese proverb   “Grammar or no grammar”. That is –unfortunately- the question for many Spanish teachers. The common approach to teach grammar as a collection of binomial dilemmas: “ser o estar”, “por o para”, “preterite or imperfect”, … Continue reading

Design Technology and Spanish make the match

Some years ago I had the idea of developing a unit on advertising for my Spanish III class. At that moment I was just looking for a way of combining the vocabulary of communication and media and the grammar content of the conditional tense, which had ended up together -I do not even remember how- … Continue reading

Teachers of the unknown

I started this blog the day I became an aunt. At 35 I consider myself pretty young, right? Well, in my classes sit students that were born the year I graduated from college, which to me seems like…yeah, yesterday! When my niece gets to the age of these students, they will have already graduated from … Continue reading